Letting Out String

Oh my goodness. The kite thing. Never did I think I would find someone else who shared this idiotic phobia with me. That someone else is my daughter.

I watched her face as her new Hello Kitty kite began to take flight, lifted by a rare gentle Kansas breeze. As it began to ascend, her brow furrowed, and a panicked look replaced her smile.

“I don’t want it to go too high mommy.”

I knew that look. And I knew that feeling. “Is it because it makes you nervous when it starts going up real high?”

She shook her head up and down, and I reassured her, “I know exactly how you feel.”

This didn’t seem to surprise her at all. After all, I get her. Just like my dad got me. She has no idea how precious this bond …

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If hearing voices makes me crazy, so be it. After all, I’m in good company.

Sometimes, internal voices happen outside my mind. Words are spoken, and received by my ears, rather than merely bubbling up in my brain. Who do these words belong to? Me. But not me. Both a better version…and a worse one. The proverbial devil and angel. The cartoon characters dressed in red and white perched atop opposing shoulders.

It’s simple, really. The devil with the red dress on is selfish, easily agitated and aloof. The ethereal one speaks softly, reacts slowly and remains engaged at all times. To be honest, sometimes she annoys me. Sometimes I just want to hang out and wallow in self satisfaction with the one in stilettos. But I can’t trust her. She doesn’t have my best interest …

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How I Write

When my friend Dani Stone (freelance writer and short story author extraordinaire) asked me if I’d already participated in the How I Write blog hop, I had no idea what she was talking about. To which she replied, “SWEET ACTION.” ¬†And this is why I love Dani. Our Facebook IMs are epic, and often result in me snorting some beverage I’m drinking out of my nose. The gal is funeeee. And while we’ve only met once in person (well, twice if you count the time I waved at her in Red Beans, and she had no clue who I was), I’ve forged a bond with her over freelance foibles, writer woes and momma drama. So of course I wanted to participate in this blog hoppy thing.

I’ll answer a few questions about how I …

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