Episode 9: Lyric Martin on the Love of Basketball and Learning to Adapt

Whether it’s because of the stress and strain of the pandemic, the particular season of your life, or all of the above, we can find ourselves called to carry out tasks that we may not want to do or may not feel fulfilled by. (Hello piles of laundry and grocery shopping and substitute homeschool teaching.) How can we get through this? Not just this moment, but this life? When we have to slog through the humdrum, the boring, the mundane, the behind-the-scenes work that gets no glory. What if…what if we simply embraced the fact that we’re playing a role? 

“I want to be a good role player. Whatever role I’m called to do, I want to do it well.”

Dang. My friend Lyric said this at Bible study recently, and it floored me. She didn’t say team player, maybe because that’s overused and doesn’t seem to apply when you’re on your own. She didn’t say role model, because that’s a bit self serving and subjective. 

Role player. There’s a difference.

Enjoy this conversation I have with this basketball loving, youth mentoring, family celebrating, meme slinging, delightful friend of mine.

(Also, this screen grab was perfect because Lyric smiles a lot, and I talk with my hands. A lot.)



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