Hello Smarty Pants. How do I know you’re so smart? Because you’re interested in promoting your product or organization to the friends and followers of this blog. Or, you just randomly clicked on this page. It’s okay, you’re smart, too.

Here, you’ll find mostly field notes from the front lines of parenting, but you may find a few gems about faith, cooking, farm life, marriage and other shiny things that catch my eye. I’ve steadily grown an engaged audience since I began regularly blogging six months ago. My vision is to continue growing my number readers to not only provide a place where like-minded (or not-so-like minded) people can connect, but to also provide helpful product reviews and fun giveaways. (Parenting is hard work, yo. Anything to make it a little easier for my readers, and I’m interested!)

I have two daughters, ages three and one. I’m open to doing product and experience reviews and giveaways (especially of children’s items), as long as I feel they align with my audience’s wants and needs. Payment is in the form of product or experience, and no product will be returned.

If you’re interested in advertising your business on this blog with logo placement, sponsored post, or other partnership, please contact me using the form below so we can discuss details. (Or, you can email me at catherineDOTpolandATgmailDOTcom.

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