Toruk: Amazing Avatar Adventure


It’s not very often that I get to spend time with one of my best friends, and it’s not often I get one-on-one time with my oldest daughter. Until last night. Thanks to some generous promotional folks with Intrust Bank Arena and  Cirque du Soleil‘s production Toruk (based on James Cameron’s Avatar) I was able to do both (as well as give away some tickets on my Facebook page). We all loaded up in my road-weary minivan, and headed to the big city for a night of entertainment and culture.  We started with some sushi at Kanai, a great little place in Wichita that can serve as either a fancy date night locale, or an approachable place to bring older kids. The girls really enjoyed trying new things, the wait staff was extremely friendly, and got a big kick out of one of our girls accidentally trying to order sake (only she pronounced it like “for heaven’s sake”). Hilarious.

Girls' night out! Toruk was a great adventure for these two moms and our daughters.
Girls’ night out! Toruk was a great adventure for these two moms and our daughters.
The girls were great sports about trying various delicacies at Kanai, a great sushi place in Wichita, KS.

And before you think you’ve missed out, it’s not too late to get tickets! (Unless you read this on Jan. 30. Then you’ll have to travel to another city.) A couple of things to know before you go:

1. You can get $10 off tickets if you order from my special link here:

2. It’s definitely a “family friendly” show as it’s advertised, but I think 7 and up is probably a good age. I saw younger kids there, but their attention span is only so long. And it could be over stimulating. Your call. (Autism/special needs parents: my high-functioning girl loved every bit of the show, but only you know your kid well enough to know how they’ll respond.)

3. Don’t expect the Avatar storyline. It’s more of a prequel or something. Still great, but know what you’re getting into.

4. Download the Toruk interactive app before you go. Once you’re in the arena, data was slow, so I wish I’d done it beforehand. You can always input your seat location later. It has fun features to use during the show, and it even lets you know when to head back to your seat from the bathroom! (And reminds you to visit the merch booth.)

Download the Toruk app before you go. You can input your seat number later. One less reason to feel guilty for checking your phone during the show!


Just some of the cool features of the interactive app. I’ll be honest, it didn’t blow me away, but it was a fun way to experience the show. I definitely recommend at least trying it!
This was a neat feature. While waiting in line for the restroom (for the 4th time) we knew we needed to hurry up!


If you’re looking for a unique family entertainment experience, I would definitely recommend Toruk. We felt transported out of our little town in our little state, to somewhere truly out of this world!

My girl was GLUED the entire time. P.S. She eats popcorn like her momma–whole handfuls at a time!
I can’t overstate how amazing the theatrics were! The lighting effects, the various textures, sights, sounds, all of it!
Best friends and daughters of best friends! What a great way to spend time together!


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