Something to Say

Something to Say

“Writing comes as a result of a very strong impulse, and when it does come, I, for one, must get it out.” – C. S. Lewis

Being a working mother=hard.

(Heck, being a mother, period, means you’re working. And it’s all hard.)

Being a working mother with kids at home=hard. 

Being a working mother with kids and traveling while working and taking care of children while navigating being a business owner during a pandemic=superhero level hard. 

Meet Laura Haffner (aka Wonder Woman). She and her husband Ryan own High Plains Harvesting, based in Park, Kansas. I was fortunate enough to meet her through the Virtual Farm Food Tour, sponsored by Kansas Soybean Commission, Kansas Farm Bureau, and Kansas Pork Association. After participating in the Farm Food Tour several years ago, I’ve been honored to continue partnering with these organizations to help tell the stories of our Kansas farmers. 

Meet Laura!

Laura and I sat down for a Zoom chat, …

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Revealing Self

Revealing Self

Artwork provided by the incomparable Amber Vanhatala Stene, friend, and mentor. I posed for this series in college and was given an original work as a wedding gift–a treasure I cherish.

About Cat

Cat Poland - Middle-aged white woman with dirty blonde hair, and an average face.

Burbling, bubbling, bursting at the seams…or so it seems. My desire to write and create and paint a story with my fingertip-brushes dancing on the keys: it’s unquenchable. I am one of the lucky ones, paid for my passion as a copywriter and communication strategist. But here–here you will find my extra, my delight, my just-because, my rants, my opinions, and snapshots of this season in life. I’m no parenting expert–but I’m fiercly committed to raising my voice for the health and wellbeing of children, especially those who are autistic. I’m no political expert–but I’m fiercly committed to raising my voice for the oppressed, the stressed, and the marginalized. I’m no great scholar of faith–but I’m fiercly committed to raising my voice in praise of the God who loves.

I have something to say. And when life gives you a story, tell it.