As a side effect of my work with Girl Scouts of Kansas Heartland to promote healthy media images for girls (which you can read about here) I’ve become more sensitive and aware of just how far advertisers are willing to go to sell their products to young girls.

Take this ad from Sears, for example. It clearly states who the intended target audience is: girls who wear “junior” sized clothing. Now some may argue that girls in their late teens and early twenties (and beyond, but that’s another issue) wear junior clothing, so this ad may not be inappropriate.

But for those of you with tween daughters, you know that this is the image they look up to. While you’re browsing through the children’s section, they’re stealing glances at the juniors section, with …

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Wordless Wednesday

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The Cool Kid

Here’s my cool kid, always wanting to wear momma’s shades.

The question is, do I want her to be “the cool kid” when she’s older? I’ve been giving this a lot of thought lately. We always want our children to be better off than we were, but I have to admit, I kind of hope she’s a nerd.

Although I got along with nearly everyone in school, I was a tall, goofy-looking nerd (and no, you can’t see the pictures to prove it). And you know what? I think I’m better off because of it. I have more compassion for people who don’t fit in, and I endured many “character-building” situations.

So, what is your hope for your children? That they’re a popular member of the in-crowd or their own unique person, whether that makes them …

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So Long Self

A group of lovely young ladies and I meet every Tuesday night for a book study centered around “The Worn Out Woman,” by Dr. Steve Stevens and Alice Gray. We laugh, we cry (well, we will eventually) and together we try to find ways to cope with the whirlwind of life while growing closer to Christ.

We’re all moms, all married, and all yearning to regain our joie de vivre–to be more peaceful, patient and put a little pep back in our step.

One common theme is our perceived lack of “self.” Once you’re a frantic, frazzled momma, what happens to the woman who used to take long bubble baths, spend hours chatting with her best friend or get completely lost in an addictive piece of fiction?

I catch glimpses of her every …

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