Elmo Nation

Around here, unless you’re three foot tall, covered in red fur, and giggle like a friendly hyena, you won’t get much attention. Apparently, carrying a child for nine months and forgoing precious hours of sleep to feed, rock and soothe her doesn’t account for much when compared to the infectious antics of an exuberant little monster…Elmo.

My kid loves Elmo. I mean loooooves Elmo. It’s crazy. She’s only 16 months old! She pines away for him with a cutely pathetic little whine, “Elmo…Elmooo.” She anxiously points at the computer screen, wanting me to pull up sesamestreet.com. I know it’s my own fault. Obviously, I exposed her to his “furness,” but I had no idea it would go this far.

So who is Elmo, exactly? Born in 1979, his original name was “Little Monster.” It wasn’t until …

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