Notes from the Underboob

-Obviously a well-fed baby-

If the topic of breastfeeding makes you uncomfortable or squeamish, you may want to stop reading. Or, better yet, get over it.

Seriously, a woman can serve up her cleavage on a platter in nearly any public setting, and nobody blinks an eye (because they’re all staring), but if a woman chooses to feed her baby in public? Scandalous! I know, I know, the breastfeeding environment in general has improved, but I’m still shocked at the comments I hear sometimes. Some people are just downright grossed out.

Everyone is entitled to their (misguided) opinions, but how can something so natural be so disturbing to some people? God gave women breasts to feed babies, and to manipulate men, but mainly to feed babies. I’m not a breastfeeding extremist, but I feel strongly that …

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