Awhile back, I shared my feelings of helplessness and frustration when my super strong-willed toddler threw the Mother of all Meltdowns. Since then, I’ve decided to really focus on identifying situations which might set her off again, and try to create a positive environment for her. Here are some things I tried, which have been fairly successful so far. I should preface these tips with this disclaimer: I am by no means a parenting expert. In fact, there are times when I’m so awkward in public with my kids that people probably don’t think they’re mine.

She loves helping me cook! Maybe she’ll take over on making meals someday.

1. Ask them to help.  Chances are, they would love to help you with mundane tasks, like putting detergent in the washing machine, clearing the …

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Are you in the middle of a "sticky" situation? Maybe you need to let it dry.

Last night, I watched in part joy and part frustration as my girls got their “nom nom” on with the sticky rice I’d made. While I always enjoy seeing the girls devour my food, I realized that cleaning this mess (on the floor, table, high chair, everywhere) was going to be extremely difficult. After all, it’s called sticky rice for a reason. Duh.

After several vain attempts at wiping, picking and sweeping, it hit me. The more I tried to fix the problem, the worse it got. It was just going to have to wait until the morning, when it was dry and easier to clean. Sure enough, one pass with the vacuum after I got up, and it was gone (well, …

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It’s hard to imagine that these gorgeous girls could ever go through an awkward period. But I sincerely hope they do.

Believe it or not, this is actually a prayer I’ve offered for my daughters. Strange? Maybe. Genius? Definitely.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t wish for them to be permanently awkward (although I would love them no less). Rather, one of my greatest hopes for them is to suffer through a few awkward years, and survive. The key word there is survive. I don’t want them to be scarred, or cope with their awkwardness through immoral, illegal, or otherwise dangerous behavior.

Let’s face it, life is easier for pretty people. Right or wrong, those with symmetrical faces, straight teeth and lustrous hair seem to sail through life a bit more easily. Studies have even proven that …

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Pick me! Pick me!

Two years ago, I wrote about my need to be liked (by everyone, at all times, in all situations). It’s not quite as important to me anymore, but I still struggle with being a “yes” woman.

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I love spending all day with this gap-toothed smile. 🙂

Yesterday, I shared what was on my heart about the underbelly of being an at-home mom (The Downside of the Domestic Life). After some concerned questions from friends and community members who thought I was really struggling with my new role, I thought I’d share what I love about this gig (it far outweighs the bad, trust me).

To be honest, one reason I haven’t proclaimed my positive experiences from the mountain
tops (except this one day) is because I don’t want to rub it in the faces of my fellow moms (or dads) who don’t have the opportunity to do this, or who wish they’d done it when they had the chance. I’ve always been one to self deprecate,

My partner in crime! We …

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While staying at home isn’t always "baking cookies and tickle sessions," it does happen from time to time.

Let’s face it. We all need a common enemy to “kvetch” about. Right or wrong, we bond over shared gripe sessions. (This is especially true for women.) When you’re doing the 8-5 thing, oftentimes the object of your grumblings is someone in the workplace, whether it be your boss, coworker or client.

No matter how wonderful (or not wonderful) they are in general, there’s always something that will get on your nerves, and when you come home, your significant other gets to hold back your hair while you verbally vomit (again). Well, what happens when you remove all of these situations from your life at once? Suddenly, you’re left with facing the enemy at home.

Were your kids this naughty …

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