Of all my work samples to display, this one is the hardest. I have written so. many. words. All the words. About all of the things. I’ve written for nearly every format in every industry. But here are a few of my personal favorites:

Brand Statement:

We are a beautifully broken people, bound together by our commitment to love each other, and love Christ. We are a family. A collection of misfits and outcasts and not quites. Of rebels and lost causes. We’re real and we’re raw. But the love. Oh, the love. It flows and grows and shines and weaves its way into our hearts. Knit together, our jagged loose ends find connection. We are not perfect, but our God is. He is the fullness of love, the warmth of belonging.
Welcome home. Welcome to The Father’s House.


(Inspired by my friend who came to this country as a
refugee from Mexico, served in our Marines, and is now at risk of being deported.)

Brown body, brown body
You once filled this land
Brown body, brown body
Woman, child, man

Brown body, brown body
We sailed to your shores
Brown body, brown body
We kicked down your doors

Brown body, brown body
We swallowed this place
Brown body, brown body
We came to replace

Your customs, your laws
Your freedom, your rights

Brown body, brown body
You put up a fight

We rounded you up
We gave you disease
We plundered your wombs
We did as we pleased

Brown body, brown body
We came to your village
Brown body, brown body
Your people, we pillaged

We bought you in ones
We bought you in threes
We wrapped you in chains
Took you across seas

Traded and bartered
Beaten and sold
Your babies we murdered
Bodies hung cold

Hundreds of years
Millions of tears

Trauma of generations
Lie under this nation

Brown body, brown body
We ask you to fight
Brown body, brown body
Yet give you no rights

You bleed, sweat and die
For the U.S. of A.
Home of the free
Built by a slave

Brown body, brown body
Let us repent
Brown body, brown body
Forgive us our sins

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