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Lord, I am tired. Head down at 11 p.m. Head up at 5 a.m. With three interruptions in between. I’m not sure how much longer I can last. Years of inadequate sleep have taken their toll on my body. My mind. I am tired. So tired.

And when I feel this way, it’s so hard to let your light shine. It’s not that I want to hide it under a bushel, I just want to crawl under that bushel and go to sleep. Sweet…sleep.

Lord, you’ve known great fatigue, even worse than this. And yet, you kept your eyes focused on your Father. One foot in front of the other, you trudged up that hill, to that place where your life would end. And yet now, I realize, even you fell. Even you struggled under the …

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Bears and toddlers may exhibit a “grimace” before attacking. Proceed with caution.

They can look cute and cuddly from a distance. Bumbling around, frolicking in the wilderness, foraging for a tasty snack of juicy berries. But then, something sets them off. They feel threatened and are unable to communicate like an adult human. Suddenly, often without warning, they attack. Growling, snarling, sometimes biting. You’ve been warned.

Bear or toddler? Take your pick.

Once my “perfect” baby, my toddler’s behavior lately could be described “like a bear.” And today, she proved that analogy true. Determined to get a snack out of the “baby proofed” cabinet, she gripped the plastic sliding lock with her mighty toddler claw, and broke it. Just snapped it in two. And before my husband could stop her, she started ripping into a box of cereal. …

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Look Ma! No seams!

Awhile back, I posted a desperate plea on my Facebook page. Nearly every morning, my preschooler was causing us to run late. Why? Her socks. She would agree to put them on, only to fling them off in a fit of rage screaming, “They’re goofy!” Her voice was desperate. I knew this wasn’t simply a tactic not to leave the house. She loves to go, anywhere, and this was legitimately bugging her. Then again, I shouldn’t be surprised. She comes by it honest. My brother suffered from the same seam sensitivity. My daughter is also highly sensitive to other things at certain times (noise, light, textures, etc.).

It turns out she’s far from alone. Friend after friend online told me their stories of sock woes. Some of them even suffer from this same …

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It was just a typical Wednesday morning, or any morning, for that matter. I sat on the couch, laptop open, planning my grocery shopping trip for later in the afternoon. (It takes hours to plan when you attack the store like the crazy coupon diva you are.) My toddler sat at my right, still a bit groggy, munching on Cheerios while watching the annoyance that is Caillou. A notification popped up, informing me I had a new interaction on Twitter. “Probably just another spammy follower,” I thought to myself. But what I saw was not a scantily clad avatar with an obviously fictitious name and a feed propagated with virus-inducing links. No. This was a woman name Emma Wilson…from the BBC.

I’ll never wash this tweet.

The BBC! Was this for real? Could it be an acronym …

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She doesn’t need a prince on a white horse to ride her off into the sunset. She’s got her own little red sports car.

She shrugged her shoulders, and set the box aside. Should I have been surprised? My girly-girl, wanna-be princess ballerina, got a belated Christmas gift from her great grandmother–remote control cars. Not pink ones. Not purple ones. Not sparkly ones. Just a red one, and a police car one.

“Can I keep looking at my dresses now?”

Along with her Christmas gift, she also got a black plastic trash bag full of hand-me-down clothes from an older cousin, filled with frilly dresses, fun slippers, and Disney-themed pajamas. Now that was more her style. While she disrobed and slipped the new-to-her Tinkerbell jammies over her head, I headed to the kitchen with my hubby to put …

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So often, my eyes gaze on the greener grass of some other’s home, and neglect to appreciate the beautiful spaces inside my own home. Yes, my house is typically a mess, and yes, it’s old. The floors are scratched, the wallpaper peeling, the lath and plaster cracking, but there are some spaces that are very delightful indeed. Like my baby’s bedroom. With the lights full glaring, it’s not too special, but with the lights off and sun filtered soft through the curtains, it’s wonderful. All pink and cozy and…lovely.

A glittery pink E marks the door to her lovely room.
I love the way the curtains filter the sunlight all warm and pink.


The cozy corner where she was nursed, and rocked, and read to.
A sweet Pottery Barn shelf snagged for a dollar, with sentiment on top.
The sweet …

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