Episode 8: Autism, Aspergers and Awesome Women

You’ve seen the puzzle pieces, the lighting it up blue, the walks…but autism is so much more than these well-intentioned, but sometimes harmful awareness campaigns. Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful autism is in the common lexicon now, but I am very passionate about telling the rest of the story. Or rather, letting autistic people tell the rest of their story. In this episode, I interview Heidi and Victoria, two Australian women who are also autistic. Their new podcast, Aspies Etc., caught my attention, and I wanted to pick their neurodiverse minds on everything from how to better raise my autistic daughter and what it’s like to launch into the podcast world. I’ve been writing about my daughter and autism for years. I haven’t always done it right. But I’ve done it. And I have no regrets. We need this connection of community, and I’m grateful I get to parent a neurodiverse child. And maybe, just maybe, I’ve lived inside a neurodiverse mind my entire life.

Connect with Aspies, Etc.: 


Good Stuff:

Tony Attwood: Like Victoria, seeing one of Tony Attwood’s speeches online was an “ah-ha” moment.
What Every Autistic Girl Wishes Her Parents Knew : Phenomenal book I’d recommend to anyone with an autistic daughter, friend, niece, cousin, etc.
First Signs of Asperger Syndrome in Bright Young Girls Pre-school: When my daughter hit 38 out of these 40 indicators, I knew I needed better answers for her


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