It was just a typical Wednesday morning, or any morning, for that matter. I sat on the couch, laptop open, planning my grocery shopping trip for later in the afternoon. (It takes hours to plan when you attack the store like the crazy coupon diva you are.) My toddler sat at my right, still a bit groggy, munching on Cheerios while watching the annoyance that is Caillou. A notification popped up, informing me I had a new interaction on Twitter. “Probably just another spammy follower,” I thought to myself. But what I saw was not a scantily clad avatar with an obviously fictitious name and a feed propagated with virus-inducing links. No. This was a woman name Emma Wilson…from the BBC.

I’ll never wash this tweet.

The BBC! Was this for real? Could it be an acronym …

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Has it really been five days since I’ve written? Hmm. It feels strange…that it doesn’t feel strange. You see, I’ve had a bit on my plate the last two weeks. In the course of fourteen days, my youngest daughter first came down with the rotavirus, had two days of relative good health, then got another stomach bug for 24 hours, and then to top it all off, is now fighting RSV. Ooph. Throw in the typical Christmas hustle and bustle, plus a sick husband, and another sick child in the mix, and you start to see why I’ve been kept away from the laptop.

Now I guess that’s not completely true. I’ve had time to write. Small chunks of time, but time nonetheless. So, then, what kept me from sharing my usual once-a-day posts? I just …

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See? Mommy used the f-bomb three times! Let’s just hope grandma doesn’t see! (image from:

I’m not going to lie. I sure like logging into my dashboard and seeing triple digits not long after I make a post. (Quadruple digits would be nice, someday, but I’m not there yet.) But there are some things I just won’t do for views. After all, I care more about (way more about) quality than quantity.

No-oooh…I won’t do that: 

1. Drop the Bomb: You know the one. The salty language used by some bloggers may draw “tsk-tsks” finger wagging, but it also draws attention. And attention means more page views. And while I would love to see my work circulate online faster than a LOL Cat meme, it’s just not worth it to me. Yes, I’m very candid and …

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He’s pouring his heart out. But will you empty your pockets out? (image from

When you stop to watch a street performer, whether it be a woman with a guitar, man with a harmonica, or group of teenagers doing beat box, are you offended if they have a tip jar? Or do you simply drop in a few coins if you’re entertained? Do you feel pressured? Do you find value in their performance? Do you find inspiration in their words?

Recently, I’ve seen a few “donation” or “tip” jar buttons on fellow blogger’s sites. My initial reaction? “Well, that’s strange.” But then, I began to think of my own blog. The stories I’ve told. The lives I’ve touched through my words. Yes, I do it for personal satisfaction and fulfillment, but it’s also a way …

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Mark Segedie with “Baby Bookieboo.”

Blogging for a living is both strange and wonderful, and sometimes, it can be stressful on a relationship. Just ask Mark Segedie, the man behind Mamavation, blogger Leah Segedie‘s brilliant obesity prevention campaign for families championed by moms. (If you’re not familiar with her, start stalking now. You’ll thank me later.)

“Blogging is an interesting career path that adds entirely new dynamics to a relationship. I know this from first hand experience,” said Mark.

Wow. When I saw Mark’s intro to the interview questions he’d answered for me, I knew he GOT it. He’d been there. And he could help others. Because Mark isn’t just a supportive spouse, he’s an active part of Leah’s business. And it’s not just any small side business. In case …

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It feels good to be write at home.

Hello dashboard. Hello WordPress WYSIWYG editor. Hello blinking cursor, beckoning me to start tapping on the keys. I’ve missed you.

Yes, I know I’ve visited a couple of times in the past several days to write this, and that, but they weren’t really stories. They were hurried posts that satisfied my desire to produce something while on vacation. I apologize that we didn’t get to spend enough time together, but my family comes first. I know you understand. So much has happened since I’ve been gone.  I have so many stories to tell you. So many photos to show you. But I’m just really tired right now. Being …

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